Glass Insulating with Aluminium Spacer Bar

  • Include Glass Washing, Drying, Assembly & Pressing
  • Glass Thoroughly Washed & Dried Prior to Assembly
  • Perfect Alignment of Top & Bottom Glass
  • Available in Vertical Panel Press, Vertical Roller Press & Horizontal Roller Press
  • Available from High Performance Models till Budget Models
  • Available from 1200mm till 2500mm

Spacer Bar Shape Bending Machine

  • Bend Linear Spacer Bars into Spacer Frames
  • Bend Spacers with Various Thickness
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Reduce Extensive Labor Force
  • Cutting Spacer is also Possible
  • Available in Two Models, Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic Model Comes with Automatic Spacer Feeding Magazine

Spacer Bar Curve Bending Machine

  • Bend Linear Spacer Bars in Curve Shape
  • Radius of Curvature is Adjustable
  • Almost Free of Maintenance
  • Available in Two Models, Electrical Motorized Driven & Hand Wheel Driven

Spacer Bar Cutting Machine

  • Cuts Spacer Bar In Exact Lengths Less Than A Second
  • Advance Cutting Design Eliminates Unwanted Burrs & Chips
  • Special Design Rotating Cutting Disc
  • Come With Sliding Gauge Measuring Ruler & Stoppers

Desiccant Filling Machine for Bend Spacer

  • Available in Two Models, Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic Model Drills Holes, Dispenses Salt & Seals Holes
  • Semi-Automatic Does All Process Except Hole Seal
  • Sophisticated Machines with Latest Technology
  • Molecular Sieves Feeding Pneumatically
  • Vibrating System Ensures Adequate Salt Filling

Desiccant Filling Machine for Straight Spacer

  • Available in Two Models, Gravity & Vibrating
  • Simple Structure
  • Easy Operation
  • Almost Maintenance Free
  • Molecular Sieves Reservoir

Butyl Extruding Machine

  • Design for Insulated Glass Primary Seal
  • PLC Control
  • Consistent Butyl Extrusion Free of Bubbles
  • Pump with Powerful Hydraulic System
  • Adjustable Conveying Speed
  • Apply also on Curve Spacer Bars

Overhead Hanging Conveyor For Spacer Frame

  • Usually Put between IGU PVB Assembly Line & Butyl Extruder
  • Spacer Frames Hung Overhead after Butyl Extrusion
  • Keeps Frames Non-Sticky & Dimensionally Non-Distorted Prior to IG Assembly
  • Electrically Motorized System Conveys Frames Towards IG PVB Assembly Line
  • Easy Spacer Frames Loading & Unloading
  • Also Storage of Spacer Frames

Two Parts Sealant Extruding Machine

  • Secondary or Final Sealing of Insulated Glass
  • Suitable for Polysulfide, Polyurethane & Silicon
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pumping Systems
  • Precision Metering & Mixing Design
  • Exact Mixing Ratio between Components A & B
  • Sophisticated Gun & Nozzle

Rotating Table for Sealing Application

  • Accessory Equipment for Secondary Seal or Hot Melt Application
  • Turn Table Design
  • Vacuum Suction Cups Hold Glass in Position
  • Rotates Continuously or Step by Step
  • Extension Arms Hold Large Glass

Low-E Glass Edge Deletion Tool & Machine

  • Remove Low-E Coating of Glass Edges
  • Powerful Spindle
  • Delete Coating Thoroughly
  • Available in Two Models, Handheld Tool & Semi-Automatic Machine
  • Deletion Tool Powered by Pneumatic & Uses No Electricity

Inert Gas Filling System

  • Fill Inert Gas for Insulated Glass
  • Fill Argon, Krypton or Any Other Inert Gas
  • Reduce Thermal Conductivity & Noise
  • Operate Either Inert Gas Concentration or Gas Filling Time
  • Available in Two Models, Portable & Cabinet
  • 3 & 6 Outputs

Inert Gas Detecting Apparatus

  • Handheld compact design suitable for onsite operation
  • Detect if Argon Gas Filled Inside IG Unit
  • Precision probe sensor ensures proper checking
  • Non-Invasive Technology
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Allows 100% quality control

Insulated Glass Production Line with Rubber Spacer Strip

  • Single Seal Insulating Process without Primary Butyl Seal
  • Lower Capital Investment of Production Machines
  • Occupy Little Space
  • Simpler Production Process.
  • Produces also Curve & Bend Insulated Glass

Hot Melt Butyl Extruding Machine

  • Single Seal Insulating Process without Primary Butyl Seal
  • Available in Extruders with Single Gun & Double Guns
  • UP to 200kg Butyl Cavity
  • No Sealing Mixing Required
  • No Complicated Pumping System

Press Table for IGU Sealing

  • Applicable for Single Seal Or Dual Seals IG Units
  • Ball Caster Metal Structure
  • A Pair of Flat Bar Opens or Closes Pneumatically
  • Speeds Up Sealing at Least Labor Force

Molecular Sieves Desiccant

  • Dry Water Moisture & Keep Air From Humid
  • Extremely High Water Absorbing Ability with Low Dust Index
  • Holds & Locks Moisture & Never Releases
  • Ingredients To Make Rubber Spacer Bar
  • Packing Available from 25kg to 500kg

Low-E Glass Edge Deletion & De-Coating Wheel

  • Remove Low-E Coatings on Glass Surface
  • Tough To Remove Coating but Leaves no Marks on Glass
  • Available in Various Sizes for Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines & Handheld Tools

PS, SI, PIB Butyl, Hot Melt Sealants

  • Two Parts or Single Part Polysulphide & Silicon
  • Primary & Secondary IG Sealant Available
  • Structural Silicon for Total Glazing
  • Butyl Excellent In Moisture & Gas Vapor Transmission Proof
  • Re-Usable Hot Melt Sealant
  • Fast Cure Sealants
  • Compatible To All Types of Extruding Machines

Butyl Adhesive Tape for Primary Seal

  • Substitution of Conventional Butyl Block
  • Thin Layer of Butyl Sealant Pre-Extruder In Tape
  • No Butyl Extruding Machine Is Required
  • Applicable with Simple Tools
  • Lowest Possible IG Production Costs
  • Perfect Water & Vapor Permeable Proof

Rubber Spacer Strip For Insulating Glass Unit

  • Single Sealed Polymer Based Warm Edge Rubber Strip
  • Perfect Substitution to Aluminum Spacer
  • Contains Desiccant
  • Require No Butyl & No Two Parts Components Extruder
  • Soft & Flexible to Bend into Curve & Shape IG
  • No Corner Keys & No Straight Connectors Are Required

Aluminium Spacer Bars

  • Excellent Thermal Barrier
  • Consistent Width & Height Along Length
  • Suitable for Angle or Curve Bending with Automatic Spacer Bending Machines
  • Uniform Holes Punching Allows Best Water Absorption with Desiccant
  • Free of Scrap & Oil
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Available with Standard & Gas Fill Plastic Corner Keys & Straight Steel Connectors

Plastic Connectors for Spacer Bars Connection

  • Made From the Most Durable Plastic
  • Special Design Fins for Easy Insert into Spacer Bars but Very Difficult to Remove
  • Stiff Enough to Hold Aluminum Frame in a Rigid Body
  • Corner Keys with Holes & Plug Available for IG Inert Gas Dispensing

Steel Connectors for Spacer Bar Connection

  • Made From the Finest Rust Proof & Anti-Corrosive Steel
  • Precision Sizes Just Fit into Spacer Bars
  • Easy Insert into Spacer Bar but Difficult to Remove
  • Extremely Stiff Holding Joint Spacer Bar Firmly in Place
  • Leak-Proof of Tiny Molecular Sieves
  • Very Suitable for Automatic Spacer Bar Bending Machine

IG Corners Sealant Scraping Sponge

  • Sponge Specially Designed for IG Sealant Corner Scraping
  • Non-Sticky with Popular IG Sealants Including Polysulphide, Polyurethane, Silicon & Butyl
  • Turn Flabby Corner Sealants Solid & Nice Looking
  • Easy to Fit into Handheld Rolling Tool but Anti-Slip During Roll Over Sealant
  • Take Only Seconds to Handle an IGU Sealant Corner

Rubber Nozzles for Sealant Extruding Gun

  • Rubber Nozzles Specially Designed & Produced for Extruding Guns of IG Sealant Extruding Machines
  • Durable High Quality Rubber
  • Slope Nozzle Surface Get in Contact Along Glass Edge Smoothly
  • Elastic Rubber Fits into Extruding Gun Head Easily
  • Proper Hardness of Rubber Holds Firmly at Extruding Gun Heads
  • Suitable for Extruding Guns of Popular Extruding Machines Available in the Market

Aluminum Spacer Rings for Spider IG Facade

  • Design for Spider Joint Glass Insulating Façade
  • Made of High Quality Aluminium Alloy
  • Excellent Dimensional Finish Guarantees Consistent Space Between Two Pieces of Glass
  • Carefully Surface Finish Compatible to IG Sealants