Washing, Assembly, Pressing Insulating Line with Aluminum Spacer Bar


IG-L-AS Series Production Line Designed To Produce Insulated Glass With Rigid Spacer Bars

The spacers could be aluminum, steel, stainless steel and reinforced plastic, etc. The line is composed of washing, drying, assembly and pressing. It can process double and triple glazing or even more. All lines are composed of three processes.


Glass is always washed and dried thoroughly before assembly. It could be done vertically or horizontally depending on process. It is always achieved automatically.


Assembly means to sandwich butyl coated spacer frames in between two pieces of glass. It is usually done vertically which allows spacer frames lay on glass easily.


Pressing is used to sandwich and adhere spacer frame in between two glass panes by means of butyl sealant. This is primary sealing process. Pressing could be by flat panel or rollers press. They are usually done vertically. However, horizontal rollers press is also available. After pressing, insulated glass is still a semi-finished product. It has to be secondary or, finally sealed by extruding machine.

Xinology Provides Three Kinds Of Production Line

IG-L-AS-RP-V  Vertical Line with Rollers Press

It is suitable for medium size glass fabricators for high productivity.

Vertical Glass Insulating Line With Washing, Assembly & Rollers Press

IG-L-AS-PP  Vertical Line with Panel Press

It is design for mass production and is especially suitable for curtain wall and façade.

Flat Panel Press Glass Insulating Line For High Volume Capacity
Combo Horizontal Glass Insulating Line For Aluminium & Rubber Spacers

IG-L-AS-RP-H  Horizontal Line with Rollers Press

This budget production line is very suitable to manufacture small and medium sizes windows and doors with at maximum flexibility. With lowest possible modification, this line is upgraded to become a combo line to produce also windows and doors with rubber spacer strip.