Two Parts Sealant Extruding Machine


IG-TP Series Two Parts Components Extruding Machine Mixes In Exact Proportion With Precision Systems

Insulated glass made of rigid spacer bars is, most of the case, double sealed. Secondary seal is the final seal. The secondary sealant could be polysulphide, silicon and polyurethane, etc. All of them consist of two parts. Part A is major component in large drum while Part B is catalyst in small drum. The mixing ratios vary according to different materials and different manufacturers.

IG-TP two parts components extruding machine is used to melt both Parts A and B components, pressurize and scale in precise ratio, mix them thoroughly, extrude from sealant gun and nozzle.

IG-TP is also applicable for curtain wall and glazing sealing.

Xinology Provides Two Types Of Two Parts Components Sealant Extruding Machine
IG-TP-B-Has-Hydraulic-Pump-For-Part-A-Pneumatic-Pump-For-Part_B.png Pure-Pneumatic-System-Of-IG-TP-A-Provides-Higher-Extruded-Sealant-Flow-Rate-For-Higher-Throughput.png