Desiccant Filling Machine For Bend Spacer


IG-DF Series Desiccant Filling Machine Loads Spacer Cavity With Molecular Sieves In Seconds

IG-DF series desiccant filling machine is specially design to fill molecular sieves into spacer cavity automatically.Spacer bar comes in a complete frame. A hole is required to be drill before desiccant loading. After filling, the hole is required to be sealed and closed by butyl.Xinology provides two types of molecular sieves loading machine.

Drills Holes, Fill Desiccant & Butyl Hole Seal of IG-DF-FA Are Done Fully Automatically

IG-DF-FA fully automatic desiccant loading machine drills holes, loads molecular sieves and butyl hole-seal. It is an all-in-one machine. All three processes are continuously done automatically. Operator is just required to load spacer frame and the machine does the rest of it.

IG-DF-SA Is  A Semi-Automatic Molecular Sieves Desiccant Loading Machine

IG-DF-SA semi-automatic desiccant loading machine drills holes and loads molecular sieves automatically. Butyl hole seal is done manually.