Desiccant Filling Machine For Bend Spacer



IG-DF-SA Designed To Punch Hole On Spacer Bar & To Fill Bend Spacer Bars With Molecular Sieves Automatically. Hole Seal With Butyl Is Done Manually.

IG-DF-SA Is  A Semi-Automatic Molecular Sieves Desiccant Loading Machine


Sophisticated drilling technology ensures holes rim free of burr and chip. Special drilling bit makes hole in a second.


  • Loading height is adjustable according to spacer frame size.
  • Desiccant filling quantity depends on filling time which is set digitally.
  • Desiccant feeding is done by pneumatic. Desiccant is forced to fill up spacer cavity.
  • Desiccant loading is fast. It takes seconds to complete loading.
  • Spacer frame is also vibrated to ensure desiccant is piled up tightly inside spacer bar cavity.
  • When desiccant is fully filled, feeding is stopped automatically.
  • The machine is suitable for molecular sieves sizes most available in market.
  • Refilling of desiccant reservoir is done automatically.


After desiccant filling is completed, fully loaded spacer frame is removed from the machine. Holes are tightly seal by butyl manually. Butyl is absolutely moisture proof and air proof.