Butyl Extruding Machine


Adequate Butyl Extrusion Stops Moisture From Getting Into Insulated Glass

Xinology provides two types of PLC controlled butyl extruding machine,

IG-BE-A Is A High Performance PLC Butyl Extruding Machine With Touch Panel HMI IG-BE-B Is A Standard Butyl Extruder For General Purpose Applications

Insulated glass made of rigid spacer bars is, most of the case, double sealed. It is composed of primary seal and secondary seal. Butyl is chosen for primary seal due to its excellent moisture proof and air proof characteristic.

Butyl is mostly packed in 6 kg to 7 kg in cylindrical form. Rigid spacer bars could be made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel or reinforced plastic. Butyl extruding machine is used to melt butyl which is then extruded in string form and stick on both sides of rigid spacer bar.

If extruded butyl on spacer bar is not continuous and the amount is not consistent, it would result in sealing failure and thus, damage the insulated glass.