Butyl Extruding Machine



IG-BE-B Is A Standard Butyl Extruder For General Purpose Applications


IG-BE butyl extruding machine is used to melt, extrude and applied strings of butyl sealant along two sides of straight and curve spacer bars. Nozzle distance is regulated automatically according to spacer bar's thickness. Spacers could be any rigid materials, for example, aluminum, steel, stainless steel or reinforced plastic.


Belt Conveying Table

A belt conveyor runs from one end to other end of the table. Spacer bars are well connected filled with desiccants. This spacer frame is loaded on belt conveyor while it is running. Belt conveying speed is adjustable according to requirement.

Melting System

Precision temperature control ensures butyl is thoroughly and consistent melted at proper temperature during extrusion.

Extruding Nozzles

There are two sophisticated extruding nozzles placing in “V’ shape right next to the conveyor belt. One nozzle is on one side of the belt while another is on the other side. While spacer bar is running in between the two nozzles, continuous and consistent amounts of butyl are applied on both sides of spacer bar.

Pressure System

Butyl is extruded by means of hydraulic pressure driven by electric motor. This pressurize system eliminates delicate maintenance.

Control System

It is a PLC system together with buttons and switches for controlling of butyl extruded amount and melting temperature. It is simple design with easy maintenance. When it is run out of butyl, it alarms.

Butyl Loading

One butyl pack is loaded in the machine at each time.