Automatic Spacer Shape Bending Machine


IG-SBB Bends Spacer Bars In Frames Faster & Easier


Spacer bar frames are usually composed of several pieces of spacer bars joined with plastic or metal angle connectors. Before connecting, each piece of spacer bars is filled with desiccant. The jobs require extensive labour force. Meanwhile, the heat insulation performance is greatly reduced at frame corners where two spacers are connected.


IG-SBB series automatic spacer bar shape bending machine is used to bend linear spacer bars into shapes. There is no more angle corner key. Heat insulation is perfect all around corners. Meanwhile, it reduces a great deal of manpower.

Xinology Provides Two Types Of Automatic Spacer Bar Bending Machine

IG-SBB-FA is fully automatic. It can bend almost any shapes including arc, circle, triangle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and polygon, etc. Spacer bars are loaded in a magazine rack and are feed into the bending machine automatically. Connection between spacer bars are done automatically.


IG-SBB-SA is semi-automatic. It bends 90 degree to make square and rectangle frames. There is no magazine rack. Spacer bar is loaded manually piece by piece. Connection between spacer bars are done automatically.