Hot Melt Butyl Extruding Machine


IG-HM Extruders Are Applicable With Almost All Kinds Of Hot Melt Butyl Available In The Market

Hot melt butyl is applied for single seal IGU. Usually it requires no primary seal. Hot melt is a single part component. No mixing is required.

It is a very excellent barrier to moisture and gas vapor transmission. It is extensively used for windows and doors. Production process is simple and fast. It is usually used together with ordinary aluminum spacer bar.

IG-HM is an extruding machine to melt and extrude hot melt and to apply on insulated glass edges separated with aluminium spacer bars.

Xinology provides three types of hot melt extruding machine.

IG-HM-SS-30S is a single gun extruding machine with 30kg cavity for single seal.


IG-HM-SS-200D is a double guns extruding
machine with 200kg cavity for single seal.


IG-HM-DS is a very unique dual seal extruding machine applied on three sides of aluminum spacer bar at one time.