Hot Melt Butyl Extruding Machine

Features & Spec


IG-HM-SS-200D is a double guns extruding machine with 200kg cavity for single seal.

Two Guns IG-HM-SS-200D Hot Melt Butyl Extruding Machine Doubles Production Capacity

IG-HM-SS-30S is a single gun extruding machine with 30kg cavity for single seal.

Compact IG-HM-SS-30S Is A Easy Operated Hot Melt Extruder
  • IG-HM-SS is specially design to melt and extrude hot melt butyl for single seal insulated glass
  • It is made of top quality parts and components with first class workmanship.
  • It is a user friendly single part component extruder. No sealant mixing is required.
  • No complicated pumping system.
  • Hot melt butyl is fast cure. Insulated glass could be handled and moved around in a minute after sealing.
  • Operation is easier and faster especially worked together with IG-PT pressing table and IG-RT rotating table which hold glass in position during sealing.
Models IG-HM-SS-30S IG-HM-DS-200D
Extruding Seal Gun 1 2
Max. Hot Melt Loading 30 kg 200 kg
Production Capacity 300 DGU / 8 hrs
(base on 1 x 1 m glass with skilful operator)
800 DGU / 8 hrs
(base on 1 x 1 m glass with skilful operator)
Power 5.5 KW 15 KW
Voltage 380V / 3 Phases / 50Hz 380V / 3 Phases / 50Hz
Weight 150 kg 300 kg