Insulated Glass Production Line With Rubber Spacer Strip


Compact Rubber Strip Double Glazing Line Soft Flexible Rubber Spacer Strip Simplifies Insulating Glass Production Process

One of the most popular insulated glass is made of rubber spacer strip. This polymer based warm edge rubber strip is a composite material with desiccant for moisture and gas vapor proof. It is usually a single seal insulated glass. No primary butyl seal is required.

The production process and equipments of rubber strip insulated glass is different with that of using aluminum and steel spacer bars. This single seal insulated glass requires lower capital investment of production machines, little occupy space and simpler production process.

Rubber strip is soft and flexible. It can be curved or bent almost in any shapes. It can be incorporated easily with double compound curvature glass that simply aluminium spacer bar is difficult to achieve. Complex double glazing shapes are no longer difficult to be made. No more delicate spacer bar bending, desiccant filling and double sealing are required.

IG-L-RS is a production line to produce double glazing unit with rubber spacer strip. It includes a glass washing machine, an assembly table, a tilting table and a hot roller pressing machine.