Desiccant Filling Machine For Straight Spacer


Desiccant Filling Machine Loads Molecular Sieves Inside Spacers In Seconds

Desiccant Filling Machine Loads Spacer Bar With Molecular Sieves In Seconds

Air inside insulated glass must be free of moisture. Otherwise, moisture will damage the glass. Spacer bars are hollow. It is filled and loaded with desiccant which is also known as molecular sieves, moisture absorbent or sometimes simply, salt.

Xinology provides two types of desiccant filling machine for linear or straight spacer bars.

IG-DF-G fills desiccant by means of gravity. No electricity and no pneumatic are required.

IG-DF-V fills desiccant by means of vibration. Vibration ensures molecular sieves piled up tightly inside spacer bars. There is also a heating system to prevent desiccant from getting humid.