Desiccant Filling Machine For Straight Spacer



IG-DF-G is a desiccant filling machine to fill molecular sieves inside spacer bars by means of gravity

Desiccant Filling Machine Loads Spacer Bar With Molecular Sieves In Seconds

Simple Structure

IG-DF-G is a metal structure with desiccant reservoir, desiccant hopper, brushes block, desiccant recycling drum and sliding board.

Easy Operation

Adequate amount of desiccant is filled inside reservoir. It passes into underneath desiccant hopper and is stopped by brushes blocking plate. Several pieces of spacer bars are inserted into desiccant hopper through brushes block and lie on decline sliding board. By means of gravity, desiccant finds its way down to fill up spacer bars. When spacer bars are fully loaded with desiccant, spacer bars are removed from desiccant hopper. Elastic brushes block is recovered to prevent desiccant from falling down.

Recycling Drum

On sliding board, there is an exit right beneath desiccant hopper. The exit runs to desiccant recycling drum located underneath the sliding board through a hose. Excessive desiccant will be collected in the drum during filling.

Maintenance Free

This simple structure requires no electricity power or compress air. It is almost maintenance free.