Sponge for IGU Corners Sealant Scraping


IG Corner Sealant Scraping Sponge Made of Special Material Non-Sticky with IG Sealants
IG Sealants Sticky-Proof Sponge Specially Formulated to Scrape Along IGU Corner Leaving Sealant Solid & Nice Looking

When IG sealant is applied on insulated glass unit, sealant at IGU corners are usually flabby not solid enough. The slack sealant corner is required to be scraped until the sealant at corner becomes solid and sealant surface nice looking. However, popular IG sealants are highly sticky. It is a headache when sealant surfaces are applied with usual scraping materials. Our sponge is made of special material which is not sticky to popular IG sealants such as polysulfide, silicon, polyurethane and butyl. This non-sticky sponge turns sealant scraping no more a dirty job. It is used to manually scrape along IGU corners until loosen sealant becomes solid. Moreover, nice looking sealant surface is also achieved. A handheld rolling tool could speed up the job and makes it easier.

IG Sealant Corner Scraping Sponge Fits into Roller Easily But Anti-Slip During Rolling on Sealant