Sponge for IGU Corners Sealant Scraping


Non-Sticky Scraping Sponge Compatiable to All Kinds of Popular IG Sealant Scraping Sponge Turns IG Corner Sealant Solid & Nice Looking
  • Sponge Specially Designed for IG Sealant Corner Scraping
  • Non-Sticky with Popular IG Sealants Including Polysulphide, Polyurethane, Silicon & Butyl
  • Turn Flabby Corner Sealants Solid & Nice Looking
  • Easy to Fit into Handheld Rolling Tool but Anti-Slip During Roll Over Sealant
  • Take Only Seconds to Handle an IGU Sealant Corner
Sponge Scraped on IG Corner Sealants Usually Applied with Handheld Rolling Tool