Molecular Sieves Desiccant



Air contains water moisture. Water moisture is a natural enemy to insulating glass unit. Moisture inside airspace would damage insulation properties and “foggy” the glass. Molecular sieves, sometimes known as desiccant or water adsorbent or simply salt, is used to dry water moisture and to keep air from humid. Molecular sieve is a kind of zeolite adsorbent specialized in the insulating glass application. It provides high water capacity, low dust and enough crush strength, with excellent performance for ordinary air or inert gas filing IG system.

Desiccant is always filled inside rigid spacer bar cavity. There are tiny holes on spacer bar inner surface. Water moisture is absorbed by desiccant through tiny holes. Molecular sieves are also used as ingredients to make rubber spacer bar which is applied in double glazing industry by rollers press process.