Inert Gas Detecting Apparatus For Insulated Glass


IG-GT Inert Gas Testing Instrument Detects If Interpane Space of Insulated Glass Contains Inert Gas

Non Invasive Non Destructive IG-GD Inert Gas Detecting Apparatus Is Harmless To Sealed Insulated Glass

Inert gas is colorless and odorless. It can't tell by naked eyes if insulated glass is filled up with inert gas after sealing or after window installed. IG-GT is used to detect if insulated glass cavity contains inert gas or not. It provides customers tangible evidences. The technology is non-invasive. Testing is non-destructive.

Generally, inert gas detecting of sealed insulating glass unit is carried out invasively or destructively. A probe is usually inserted into interpane spacing through IGU side and detecting is carried out. Glass is damaged and it does not allow a 100% testing quality control approach. IG-GT is non-invasive and detecting is non-destructive.