SmartGlass (PDLC / Intelligent / Privacy / LC / Switch) Glass & Film


Projection Display


Most of applications introduced in other chapters are for privacy, vision and security purposes. Smart film is found performing shape images display at projection. Smart film acts like a projection screen. Instead of projection screen, images are projected onto smart film. If smart film is large enough, it acts like a huge flat panel display (FPD).


Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) light valves, which can modulate unpolarized light with high spatial resolution and exhibit a high optical efficiency, based on the light-scattering effect. The device can modulate high-power reading light, because the PDLC becomes transparent or opalescent independent of the polarization state of the reading light when either sufficient or no writing light is incident on PDLC. PDLC device has, therefore, extremely high resolution.


  • Images projected on smart film look sharp with higher definition (HD).
  • Unlike traditional projection screen, smart film is stiff. Handling is easier.
  • Unlike huge flat panel display, projection film is feather light.
  • Portable size and weight permits handling easy to carry around on the road from one stop to next.


Promotion & Propaganda

More promotions are taken part in large open area to attract more audiences.


No more unclear images with low definition. Foul could be seen clearly when score.

Window Display

No more bulky and heavy flat panel display hanging around risky behind window. PDLC film is no more than 1mm thick. It adheres on window. When there is no images projection, it is almost non-noticeable. When images are projected, supermodels look like walking “inside” windows displays at fashion shops.