SmartGlass (PDLC / Intelligent / Privacy / LC / Switch) Glass & Film




Photo-electricity performance of PDLC light regulating device is one of the most intelligence types of top grade function film and glass with countless advantages for numerous applications.

Light Permeates While Opaque

Even if PDLC is not transparence, light transmitting is also good. Non-energized PDLC windows look like translucent. Just like physically sandblasted or chemically etched glass, objects behind PDLC film could not be seen, but there are light ray behind. If it is applied for window and door, enough light ray is obtained inside room. Privacy is obtained without sacrificing all light.

Instantaneous Switch Response

When voltage is switch between on and off repeatedly, the transparent and non-transparent are obtained in real time. No time delayed is observed. This function is particular important when it is for military purpose or somewhere real time responses are compulsory.

Temperature Control


When PDLC is laminated with selected function glass, for example, solar control or low-e, it acts as reflection to infrared while allowing visible light permeate and prevent heat inside from getting out of window. This makes inside of room warm in winter, cool in summer and enough light inside room as well. If further temperature control is required, intelligent glass is done in double glazing. Environment is more comfort while save energy

UV Control


PDLC window cuts ultraviolet. It absorbs UV. It prevents furnishings from deterioration. It is color fading proof and anti-aging. The furnishings include carpets, paintings, wall paintings and furniture, etc.

Sound Proof


Switchable glass is a good noise barrier. Switchable glass is made into insulated switchable glass if sound barrier is main concern.

Resist Penetration


When magic glass is broken accidentally but not with external vigorous forces, holes are seldom found. The interlayer stops from penetration.

Shatter Proof


Splinters are firmly bonded on interlayer when PDLC glass is broken. No further injuries are found due to glass chips on floor or fall outside to streets.

Hold In Frame

Like ordinary window, smart glass is supported by framework. Because of its laminated property, smart glass would hold in frame even if it is broken. It does not fall down to streets preventing further injuries. Replacement could be done when convenient and/or at low costs labor time.

Safety & Security

Burglaries would hesitate when they could not see through. When smart glass is made into armor smart glass with multi-layers of glass and/or polycarbonate and proper interlayers such as PVB or EVA, it becomes a splinter-proof high impact strength light control glass. It is applicable in those areas where vision is required while security is also concern.

Comfort Environment

Unlike curtains, shutters and window blinds which darken rooms when closed, PDLC allows natural light ray scatter into room when power is off. Smart glass is also good at blocking noise in the streets outside. Smart glass provides visually comfort and quiet environment.



Famous people would find PDLC helpful to evade paparazzi and keep away from public under spot light. They could be movie stars in Hollywood and singers, royal family members, multi-billionaires, politicians, leaders and entrepreneurs, etc.

Curtain Free

Shutter-Is-Heavy-Dust-Collector.jpg Luxury-Curtain-May-Be-More-Expansive-Than-PDLC-Glass-Requires-Delicated-Special-Cleaning

When privacy is required, just power off intelligent window. No vision is allowed at still state while light rays are diffuse remaining enough light ray inside room. Curtains, window blinds and shutters block all light rays leaving completely dark inside room. Smart window requires no curtain, window blind or shutters. No more hassle for curtains, blinds and shutters washing.

Healthy Body

Curtains, shutters and window blinds are dust and bacteria collectors. Kids always climb up and down to get in contact with shutters, curtains and Venetian blinds. Respiration diseases are sometimes caused when they wipe nose. Intelligent windows get rid of curtains, shutters and Venetian blinds.



PDLC film could be laminated with most of monolithic glass such as clear glass, tint glass, figure roll pattern glass, solar control reflective glass and low-E coating glass, etc.

Protective Encapsulation

Tiny liquid crystal droplets are well covered and sealed by top and bottom thin layers. PDLC film is totally covered by two pieces of glass or plastic panels encapsulated with EVA or PVB encapsulation films. The high adhesion lamination turns all composites into one single inseparable body.

Chemically Inert

Encapsulation materials, glass and plastic panel are all chemically inert to PDLC film. The light switchable property is absolutely unaffected or degraded.


Intelligent glass is stable. Liquid crystals droplets never get tire of switching.

Easy Installation


It is as similar as an ordinary window installation with just additional wiring.

Simple Operation

It is as simple as light switch. It could be a turning knob or a pressing button.

Low Operating Cost


Smart window consumes very little electricity power. It consumes less power than it takes to operate a simple night-light.

Maintenance Free


Cleaning is the only maintenance. It is as easy as an ordinary window washing.



The light regulating property of LC glass would not be degraded after years. It almost lasts until it breaks.

Fast Payback


Though smart lite window is comparatively costly than traditional window, payback time is short when followings are taken into account.

  • Capital investment of luxury curtains, shutters and window blind are, sometimes, expansive
  • Labour, water and electricity costs for curtains, shutters and window blinds washing
  • Regular maintenance costs of shutters, curtain and window blind
  • Luxury drapery requires professional care, resulting in expansive bill.
  • Medical costs due to respiratory diseases caused by dusty curtains, Venetian blinds and shutters
  • Temperature is not controlled and thus, more energy of air-conditioning and heating are consumed
  • Lighting costs inside room when it is darken due to closing of shutters, curtain and Venetian blind


This cutting-edge window is not a developing technology. On the contrary, smart glass is well develop and is proven to be very mature and successful technology. In fact, intelligent glass is already around your daily life for years. Magic glass looks like ordinary window. You will never discover they are switchable if windows do not blink.