SmartGlass (PDLC / Intelligent / Privacy / LC / Switch) Glass & Film


Glass Types

Clear Smart Glass

The basic structure of Smart window is a lamination of PDLC film sandwiched between two pieces of clear float glass.

Colour Smart Glass

Privacy glass could provide additional aesthetic visual effect. It is made color either using tint glass or color encapsulation interlayer. EVA and PVB are available in more variety color than tint glass.

Solar Control Smart Glass

When one of the cover glass is replaced by solar control reflective coating glass, smart window becomes smarter. It keeps infrared outside. Solar control glass is available in many colors and shading coefficients. It is selected for proper infrared cut and colour scheme giving a comfort environment and fond look. Light transmissions of some solar control glass are very low. Careful selection is required if high transparency of smart glass is main concern. Coating side is always in #2 surface. It is in contact with EVA or PVB encapsulants. Coating never gets contaminated or corrosive.

Low-E Smart Glass

Instead solar control glass, low-E is another monolithic glass for temperature control. Unlike solar control, low-E allows large amount of visible light ray permeating through while reflecting infra red. Low-E keeps interior warm in winter while keeps cool in summer. Low-E is a delicate thin film coating. Characteristic of Low-E would possibly be de-graded if low-e glass and encapsulation materials are incompatible or laminating process is done improperly.

Insulated Smart Glass

If high energy efficiency and electricity cost are main concern, smart glass shall be insulated. The dry air insulation provides further heat barrier. Smart glass is most often placed in interior of the double glazing. The exterior glass could be clear float, solar control or low-E. Coating sides of both solar control and low-E are always placed in #2 surfaces. If it is necessary to maximize temperature control, both solar control and low-E glass are employed in the double glazing. Insulated smart glass is already a good sound barrier due to air insulation. When insulation is filled up with proper inert gas, sound proof is further improved.

Armor Smart Glass

If safety and security are concern while privacy is not sacrifice, smart glass is made armor. Multi-layers of glass, polycarbonate and interlayer are laminated together with smart glass. It performs extremely high impact strength for burglary proof and energy absorption for bulletproof.

Curve Smart Glass

Smartglass Could be Made in Curve & Bend

Partial Smart Glass