SmartGlass (PDLC / Intelligent / Privacy / LC / Switch) Glass & Film




Tiny liquid crystal drops are filled up in a thin PDLC film which is deposited between clear plastic covers. The plastic substrates are coated with thin film coating layer of conductive metal oxide which is usually indium tin oxide (ITO). Electrical conductive bus bar is applied on film edges. Copper mesh is welded onto bus bar. Electric positive and negative terminals of power supply are connected to copper meshes.

PDLC Glass & Window

PDLC film is fragile. It is flexible but slightly stiff. Scratches and abrasive could be made on external thin plastic layer surfaces if handled improperly. Protection of PDLC film is required. Glass is the most popular protection material due to its clarity and scratch proof. Plastic panel, such as, polycarbonate is sometimes employ for particular applications.

PDLC film is encapsulated in between two pieces of glass or plastic panels by high adhesion plastic interlayer. Two of the most popular encapsulation materials available in the market are EVA and PVB films.

PDLC film is well protected by sandwiching between two pieces of EVA or PVB encapsulant. The multi-layers films are then covered by top and bottom glass or plastic panel for final protection. The well assembled laminated glass is finally bonded firmly by selected equipments under both heating and vacuum or pressure. If the encapsulating material is EVA, the process is done in a vacuum and heating oven. If it is PVB, autoclave is required for heating and pressurize.