SmartGlass (PDLC / Intelligent / Privacy / LC / Switch) Glass & Film




Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals hold potential for a variety of electro-optic applications ranging from light shutters and projection displays.


Business meetings are sometimes confidential. They could be tedious. Privacy windows prevent meeting information from disclose and meanwhile, keep participants concentrating in discussing topics.


Conference center requires smart glass when privacy and disturbance free are important during conference.

Function Room

Most of the activities taken part inside function rooms require privacy and uninterrupted. Intelligent magic glass keeps the activities absolutely confidential.


Privacy windows could be one of the best alternatives if you are tired of daily cleaning of curtains and shutters. When curtains or shutters, room is darken. There is no diffuse natural light. If you find discomfort in this situation especially at day time, privacy windows could be probably the only civil windows available to bring you back natural light while remains privacy. Bath and shower rooms could be also good areas to have privacy windows.


Fortress and villa owners use PDLC glass to decorate their nobleness construction.


There are a lot of areas in hospital where both disturbance free and vision are important. For example, nursery, surgery and ICU, etc.


Students are sometimes distracted attention from class. Magic windows would help to bring them focus on class.


Sometimes artists do not like their masterpieces disclosed when they are not yet finished. However, they would like to share when they are completed. They also do not like somebody watching or are disturbed when they are working. Privacy glass is the only window permitting this requests switching from each other in mini-second, just like the blinking of artists’ instant sharp idea.


People who require fitness may dislike stranger watching when they are doing physical training. Intelligent PDLC windows keep the secret how they become slim in two weeks.

IT Center

Information technology sometimes requires confidential and sometimes requires sharing. Privacy PDLC window provides the optimum environment for servers center.

Operator Centre

Operators answer numerous incoming calls everyday. Interruption free is one of the solution keeping them at high efficiency while monitoring is also requested. Privacy PDLC window is the only way.


Bank could be probably one of the popular applicable areas for safety and security. From entrance doors to windows, from casher counters to safe rooms. Armor intelligent glass is particular helpful when it is applied in bank cashier counters where there are frequent communications with customers on one hand, but highest risk of burglary on the other. When burglars break in a bank and bully cashiers, cashiers simply press a button. The intelligent armor windows become opaque instantaneously. Burglars lose targets. Even if they shoot, the armor counter window stops bullet. This ultimate intelligent armour glass is made for double protection.


Privacy windows are very suitable for surveillance control centre. Switchable glass is indeed part of surveillance and security.


When both customer privacy and interior vision are taken in consideration, privacy glass partition may be a good choice for restaurant furnishing.


In additional to its practical function, smart glass inside hotel room may be an attractive selling point to bring guest back along with his/her curious friends.


Smart glass is also used in museum. Priceless antiques and artworks would be better protected if they are kept unseen in the same display areas overnight.


Fishes could get rest when they do not see anything behind PDLC glass.


Intelligent glass is applicable in grandeur church and small chapel when carrying laud, canticle and wedding.


Transparence screens in shopping areas and arcades are also made up of smart glass for attracting customers.

Window Display

Blinking window display would absolutely attract pedestrians. The pedestrians stop because of the blinking window and unfortunately, not the displays behind. After they are tire of the blinking, they would be very curious to find out how interesting the stuffs are behind such smart windows. Luxury goods are better protected if they are kept unseen overnight.


Some luxury cars use smart glass to make dormers, backlites, sidelites and vents.


Privacy is always important on board during social gatherings.


Privacy is mostly concerned in aircraft where every passenger shares very little room.


Amusement parks such as Disneyland use regulating light film to reach at magic aim. Smart-window technology can be seen on the hit FOX television show "24." The character Jack Bauer is played by Kiefer Sutherland. Jack's office features smart glass panels that can be darkened for privacy.


PDLC film was firstly developed for aerospace industry. As it grows faster, more PDLC film and glass are applied in different areas of this vanguard of science trends.


Protection, security and defense are priority concerns in military. Visible armor intelligent glass is used in many military applications.