Flat Glass Roller Press PVB Laminating Line

  • Two Pairs of Press Rolls Glass Laminated Line
  • Two Heating Ovens for Glass Laminating
  • Glass Well Sealed after Heating & Pressing
  • Vacuum Suction Lifting System for Easy Glass Assembly
  • Perfect Glass Registration for Excellent Top & Bottom Glass Alignment
  • Multi-Layer Glass Assembly & Laminating
  • Roller Conveyor for Continuous Glass Handling
  • Washing Machine Cleans Glass Prior to Assembly

Autoclave-Free PVB Laminated Glass Production Oven

  • Truly Autoclave-Free Oven Producing PVB Laminated Glass
  • Requires No Vacuum Bags, No Rubber Rings And No Rollers Presses.
  • PVB Laminated Glass Absolutely Free Of Bubbles & No De-Lamination.
  • Produces also EVA Laminated Glass
  • No Air Conditioner & No De-Humidifier Are Required.
  • No Climatic Control Room Is Required For The Oven.
  • PVB Assembly Can Be Done At Room Temperature Without Climatic Control Room.
  • PVB Is No Need Stored In Climatic Control Room.

Autoclave-Free EVA Laminated Glass Production Oven

  • Autoclave Free Laminated Glass Manufacturing
  • Require No Roller Press Nor Climatic Control Room
  • One Step Process Making Two Panes or Multi-Layer
    Laminated Glass
  • Free of Vacuum Bags
  • Durable Heat Resistant Air Tight Silicon Blankets Guarantee Perfect Vacuum
  • Suitable for EVA any other Proper Interlayer Films
  • Produces Flat & Curve Laminated Glass
  • Two Kinds of Ovens Available with 5 & 2 Silicon Blankets

Glass Laminating Autoclave

  • Pressure Vessel for Laminated Glass Final Bonding
  • Multiple Devices for Safety Purposes
  • High Performance Heating System
  • Carefully Selected Materials & First Class Welding Workmanship
  • Air Storage Tank for Air Filling into Autoclave
  • Handling System for Easy Glass Movement
  • Optional Vacuum System for Bonding of Curve or Armour Glass

Glass Laminating Vacuum Bagging Films

  • Alternative Process for Glass Laminating
  • Substitution of Roller Press & De-airing Oven
  • Film Turns into Vacuum Bag in Minutes
  • Design for Flat & Curve Laminated Glass or Armour Glass Production
  • Durable Anti-Tear Specially Formulated Plastic Films
  • High Temperature Resistant Suitable For Autoclaving

PDLC Smart Glass & Film

  • Also Known As Intelligent, Privacy, Liquid Crystal, LC,
    Switchable or Electrochromic Glass
  • Switchable Instantaneously between Transparent & Opaque
  • Applicable wherever Privacy is Concerned
  • Suitable for Commercial, Residential, Recreation & Industrial Purposes
  • Available in Clear & Transparent Colour Smart Glass
  • Easy Process Turns Film into Glass

EVA Interlayer Film

  • Most Adequate Film Substitutes PVB
  • Excellent Transparency at Lowest Haze
  • Outstanding Adhesion with Glass
  • Inert to Moisture & Vapour
  • No Climatic Control Room Required for Glass Assembly
  • Handling & Assembly at Room Temperature & Humidity
  • Available in Transparent, White, Variety Clear & Opaque Colors
  • Available in 0.25mm, 0.38mm & 0.76mm Thickness

Back Film for Single Pane Glass Laminating

  • Design to Produce Laminated Glass with Single Glass
  • Suitable to Make Light & Thin Shatter Proof Glass
  • Glass with or without Decorative Graphic Interlayer
  • Applied for Movable Glass Doors or Any Other Areas where Light & Thin are Major Concern

Vacuum Silicon Blanket for Laminated Glass

  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Patent Edge Seal Design Guarantees Perfect Air Tight During Vacuum
  • Strong but Soft
  • Anti-Deterioration
  • Flexible High Tensile Strength Materials for Easy Handling
  • Durable Silicon Lasts for Years
  • Holds Several Pieces of Glass at One Time
  • Available in Variety Sizes

Vacuum Silicon Rubber Ring

  • Wrap Around Laminated Glass Edges
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Strong but Soft
  • Anti-Deterioration
  • Flexible High Tensile Strength Materials for Easy Handling
  • Durable Silicon Lasts for Years
  • Available in Variety Length or Perimeter for Different Sizes of Laminated Glass

Liquid Resin for Laminated Glass

  • Ready-To-Use Single Component Liquid Resin
  • Available in UV Cured & Heat Cured Liquid Resins
  • Require No Machine, No Dosing, No Scaling & No Mixing
  • Simple & Easy Operation
  • Excellent Impact Strength Resistance
  • Ultra High Light Transparency & Low Haze
  • No Delamination
  • Meets International Safety Glass Standards

PVB Interlayer

  • Extraordinary Bonding Strength with Glass
  • Outstanding Tensile Strength
  • Free of Particles & Contamination
  • Anti-UV & Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Splinter Safety Glass Tightly Sticks Shatter Glass on Film
  • High Penetration Resistant Security Glass Prevents from Penetration
  • Sound Proof Laminated Glass for Comfort Window & Door
  • Armor, Explosion & Hurricane Proof Glass with Multi-Glass & PVB Film Layers