Back Film for Single Pane Glass Lamination


Only One Piece of Glass is required for Glass Lamination When there is Back Film

EVA laminated glass is not always made from two pieces of glass. Sometimes, one piece of glass is good enough for laminating. Another piece of glass is substituted by a piece of plastic back film. With only one piece of glass, weight of this laminated glass is almost half of ordinary laminated glass. Without extra piece of glass, thickness of this laminated glass is almost as thick as a piece of glass. Back film laminated glass is usually applied in those areas where lightest and thinnest are most concerns, for example, sliding windows and doors. When ordinary laminated glass is composed of tempered glass, air bubbles or de-laminations could be easily found. This is because temper glass is generally wavy. Gaps between two pieces of glass may not be adequately fully filled up with melted EVA. This is now overcome by laminating only one piece of temper glass with EVA film covered by protective back plastic film.

Standard Single Pane Laminated Glass with Back Film Single Pane Glass Laminated with Graphic Film Encapsulated by EVA & Protected by Back Film