Back Film for Single Pane Glass Lamination


Thin Light Graphic Laminated Glass with Only One Piece of Glass
  • Lightest Weight & Thinnest Single Pane Laminated Glass Allows Versatile Applications
  • Back Film Laminated with Temper Glass Free of Bubbles & De-lamination
  • Safety Back Film & EVA Films Hold Splinter Glass Firmly in Position when Broken
  • Scratch Resistant Back Film
  • Anti-Aging, Durable, Heat Resistant & Thermal Stable
  • Dimensional Stable
  • Increase Impact Strength
  • Stiff for Easy Handling
  • Vacuum & Heating Parameters of Single Pane Laminated Glass Similar to Ordinary Laminated Glass
  • Suitable for Those Laminated Glass Applications with Major Concerns of Min. Glass Thickness & Lightest Weight
  • Available with Transparent & Sandblasted Back Films
Monolithic Laminated Glass with Graphic Interlayer & Back Film Encapsulated by EVA Film