Glass Laminating Vacuum Bagging Films


It is a film. It is a bag. It is a Vacuum Bagging Film for Glass Laminating.

The bagging film is specially made for glass laminating during vacuum process. Flat laminated glass is usually made by press rolling and pre-heating process prior to autoclaving. Bent laminated glass is usually made by pre-heating and de-airing process prior to autoclaving.

There are alternative processes which do not require press rolling, pre-heating and de-airing machines and ovens. This state-of-art process requires no machines and ovens. This process requires only a special type of vacuum plastic bagging film. Assembled glass, ready for laminating, is put inside this bag film. The bag film is then sealed and connected to vacuum pump which is usually incorporated to autoclave.

VSR-T is used for trapezoid glass with right angles, obtuse angles or sharp angles. It is applied in flat or bent laminated glass for architectural and decorative purposes. Pre-laminating of flat glass is usually done by roller pressing in a flat glass laminating production line free of vacuum ring. However, tiny VSR-T rubber ring is a substitution to a heavy roller press system. With VSR-T silicon rings, flat laminated glass could be done alternatively in a pre-vacuum and pre-heating chamber which could also process bend laminated glass with VSR-R vacuum rings.

The bagging film process is very suitable for:

  • Thick laminated glass production such as armor glass or bullet resistant glass
  • Curve laminated glass production
  • Those glass fabricators who have only autoclave, but do not have roller pressing machine, pre-heating and de-airing oven
  • Small order quantity that it does not worth to start up roller press system

Plastic Vacuum Bagging Film for Glass Lamination Including Curve or Armour Laminated Glass