Glass Laminating Vacuum Bagging Films

Feature & Spec

Single Edge Pre-Sealed Vacuum Bag Film for Laminated Glass Processing
  • Specially formulated plastic film
  • Extremely high anti-tear resistant
  • High temperature resistant suitable long time exposure inside autoclave
  • Delivered in roll form that can be cut in any length
  • One edge of film is already sealed while another edge left open
  • Available in various roll widths suitable from small to large size of laminated glass
Models Width Length / Roll Area / Roll
VBG-1500 1500 mm 250 m 375 m2
VBG-1900 1900 mm 250 m 475 m2
VBG-2100 2100 mm 250 m 525 m2
VBG-2300 2300 mm 250 m 575 m2