EVA Interlayer




EVA Film Is A Revolutionary New Type Of Interlayer For Glass And Plastic Sheet Lamination And Encapsulation Without Autoclaving

EVA-Film-Is-Sandwiched-In-Between-Two-Pieces-Of-Glass.png Xinology-EVA-Films-Are-The-Most-Cost-Effective-Material-For-High-Quality-Laminated-Glass.png
  • EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate.
  • It is a thermoplastic copolymer resin.
  • EVA resin, together with a number of ingredients, is heated and mixed thoroughly and is then extruded through a flat die of a special design plastic extruding machine.
  • EVA film is then formed. It is finally wind up in roll for storage and packing.
  • Xinology EVA interlayer film contains no plasticizer.
  • This extraordinary adhesive film is non-sticky and inert to water moisture.
  • Handling and glass assembly could be done under room temperature. No air conditioner and no de-humidifier are required.

EVA Instead of PVB

It Is Proved To Be One Of The Best Alternatives To Costly PVB

  • Traditional glass lamination and encapsulation is made by sandwiching PVB interlayer film in between two pieces of glass.
  • It is then final bonded with autoclave. EVA glass lamination could be done without autoclave.
  • This new type of process requires also no roller press, no vacuum bags and no rubber rings.
  • Similar to PVB, EVA is also sandwiched in between two pieces of glass.
  • Thanks to the advance and update technology process, however, production equipments and relevant process for EVA glass lamination is much easier and simple than conventionally PVB lamination.
  • Only one single machine is required to fabricate EVA laminated glass.

EVA Becomes Popular

More Glass Fabricators Employ EVA To Be The Priority Interlayer For Glass Lamination And Encapsulation

  • As glass design for furnishing, decoration and building becomes more and more sophisticated, versatile glass with better aesthetic visual effect and functions are required drastically at low cost.
  • EVA laminated glass meets the requests that simply could not be done or at high cost previously.
  • As more designers are well aware the versatility of EVA laminated glass, it is getting more popular.
  • EVA laminated glass begins to play significant role for architects, interior and environmental designers.

EVA Classifications

Xinology EVA Film Is Classified In Several Categories


Available in 3 Kinds of Thickness

  • 0.25mm
  • 0.38mm
  • 0.76mm

Available in 30 Colors and Transparencies

  • From standard clear to super clear
  • From light white to deep white
  • From transparent red to transparent black
  • From translucent orange to translucent blue
  • From opaque yellow to opaque purple
Multifunctional EVA Laminated Glass Applied For Versatile Applications

Available For Versatile Applications

  • Furnishing, decoration and architectural for both general purpose and outdoor purpose
  • Encapsulation for special types of glass such as PDLC smart, intelligent and privacy glass
  • Encapsulation for photovoltaic solar panel