Water Jet Cutting Machine


Two Types of Water Jet

Each of Its Own Unique Features of PURE WATERJET and ABRASIVE WATERJET Makes Things Possible that Simply Impossible or Costly Previously

Pure Waterjet
Cut Ep waterjet photo 307 pure water jet

Water jet cutting process was firstly launch in the market in the way of pure water jet in middle of 1970s. It was used for the cutting of corrugated cardboard. Then it was widely applied to cut disposable diapers, tissue papers and automotive interiors. This was because less moisture were created on materials during waterjet cutting than touching or breathing on it. Advantages of pure water jet are,

  • Very thin water stream
  • Very little material wastage during cutting
  • No heat is generated during cutting
  • Applicable to both thin and thick materials
  • Fast cutting
  • Extremely low cutting force
  • Very suitable for light and soft materials cutting
Abrasive Waterjet (Abrasivejet)
Cut Ep waterjet photo 308 abrasive water jet

Abrasive waterjet, or sometimes know as abrasivejet), is developed base on pure waterjet system. When abrasive materials, such as garnet, are feed in the cutting head of pure waterjet system, they are mixed together properly with water inside the cutting head, the water-abrasive jet becomes more “sharper” with higher cutting ability. This abrasive characteristic enables the water jet to cut almost any kinds of hard, delicate and thick materials.

Abrasive water jet can cut as hard as aluminum oxide ceramic or alumina (AD 99.9). Advantages of abrasive waterjet are,

  • Extremely versatile process
  • No heat is generated
  • No mechanical stresses
  • Thin stream
  • Thin and thick material cutting
  • Little cutting material wastage
  • Low cutting force
  • Little or almost no burr
  • One jet setup is almost applicable for all abrasive jet jobs
  • Quickly switch between abrasive waterjet to pure waterjet