Water Jet Cutting Machine



Numerous Advantages makes WaterJet the Fastest Growing Technology in Most of the Industries


  • Multiple-functions machine can do jobs that other machines cannot
  • More beneficial and cost effective than traditional technologies
  • Virtually no limits to what water jets are capable of cutting and machining
  • Has been proven in industries for more than 20 years


  • Cut any kinds of materials
  • Any shapes and dimensions could be cut
  • Apply in almost any industries


  • Easy operation
  • Requires minimal fixture and tooling
  • No clumsy and high cost fixtures are required
  • No tool changes are required
  • Changeover time from job to job are easy and fast

Control and Program

  • Fast and easy programming
  • User friendly interface based on Window platform
  • Employ AutoCAD program available everywhere


  • Easy to learn
  • Adjust only cutting speed and pressure according to materials and thicknesses.


  • Water jet is proven to have better safety records than most machine tools

Finished Product

  • High cutting precision
  • Cold cutting with no heat affected zones (HAZ)
  • No mechanical stresses are left on waterjet cut surface
  • Cuts accurate and clean edges
  • Leaving superior edge/surface quality.
  • No secondary finish is required
  • Minimal burr


  • Comparatively low capital investment and low operating costs versus other technologies
  • Low fixturing cost
  • Almost no tooling cost
  • Job changeovers almost cost nothing
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Water and low cost abrasive are the only consumables
  • Other supplies are also at low cost

Supplies and consumables

  • Abrasive is extensive availabile and easy to get at low cost
  • Other components are also available in markets


  • No noxious gases or liquids are used
  • No hazardous materials or vapors are created during water jetting
  • Noise suppressed simply done by putting the small machine inside enclosure
  • Absolutely environmental friendly