Water Jet Cutting Machine


Environmental Effects

Waterjet is Absolutely Environmental Friendly

Disposals of Water and Garnet

During water jet cutting, no noxious gases or liquids are used. No hazardous materials or vapors are created. Therefore, the water and garnet are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

If necessary, the water, after properly filtered for turbidity, could be put down the drain. The garnet waste could be dumped in standard landfills.

However, if the workpieces are toxic or hazardous, the wastes may be hazardous. Special requirements according to local environmental regulations shall be arranged.


How noisy is it depends upon the distance of decibel meter is put away from the supersonic jet when exposing to open area. Generally speaking, the noise level is below 75 dB when cutting underwater. Noise will go up to 95 dB when distance between mixing tube and work piece is large. Customers will enclose the entire work area if necessary.