Water Jet Cutting Machine



Easy to Achieve High Cutting Precision

Water jet cutting accuracy and precision is varied by following factors.

Positioning Accuracy

It is the accuracy of X-Y motions over certain ranges.

  • Static measured with nozzle stopped
  • Dynamic measured with nozzle in motion

Work Piece Accuracy

The overall accuracy of finished workpieces depends on,

  • Dynamic positioning accuracy
  • Cutting speed varied on kerf width
  • Finish quality selected by operator
  • Cutting tool offset value set by operator
  • Z-axis non-perpendicularity
  • Relative motion between X-Y axis structure and work pieces support table
  • Relative motion between work piece support table and work piece
  • Taper caused by nozzle condition and/or nozzle standoff and/or cutting speed


It depends on consistency of X-Y motion.

Part Repeatability

It depends on,

  • X-Y motion repeatability
  • Relative motion between X-Y axis structure and workpiece support table
  • Relative motion between workpiece support table and workpiece
  • Jet size growth cause by nozzle wear
  • Change in taper caused by nozzle wear or changing of standoff.