Water Jet Cutting Machine


WJ-300D (Direct Drive Pump)


It is a direct drive based pump. This triplex pump gets movement of the three plungers directly from an electric motor. It is simple but reliable. It is easy maintain at lowest possible cost.

The pump is driven by an electric motor. Water flows into the pump is then pressurized to require working pressure and exit out to plumbing.

The pump comes with a dual pressure feature. This is benefit when piercing or drilling is done on brittle materials. Pump pressure is slowly increased to avoid sudden shock acting on brittle materials such as glass and ceramic. There is no more rapid pressure change. Damage risk is reduced and thus, production yield is higher and brittle materials waste is minimized.

Working pressure could be adjusted manually when necessary.


Pressurized water flows to the nozzle (cutting head) through this strong stainless steel plumbing which is resistant to high pressure.

The plumbing is long enough providing nozzle free movement when it is traveling in X-Y directions over workpieces.

Cutting Head

The pressurized water flows through the plumbing arriving at this nozzle which is installed in a carriage moving transversely on a cantilever.

The cutting head is mainly composed of jewel orifice, Venturi chamber and mixing tube.

Pressurized water flows through the jewel orifice forming a water jet stream. Abrasive particles are feed into the cutting head where they come across to the water stream inside Venturi chamber. Like a bullet in a rifle, the abrasive particles are accelerated down the mixing tube and are eventually exit out onto workpieces.

Jewel orifice

It has a tiny opening. Pressurized water coming from the plumbing will flow into this orifice. This specially design and made orifice is used to convert the pressurized water into extremely high velocity water stream.

The orifice could be sapphire or ruby which is cost effective and meanwhile, hard enough to resist long term wearing against water erosion.

Venturi Chamber

After the water stream passes through the orifice, it travels downwards and enters into this small Venturi chamber at a very high velocity.

Meanwhile, abrasive is feed sideward into this chamber where Venturi effect creates a vacuum to pull abrasive and air downwards leaving the chamber.

Mixing tube

When the abrasive and water leave the Venturi chamber, the water accelerates the abrasive and enters into a long and hollow cylindrical mixing tube where they are mix with each other. The mixture of abrasive and water form a coherent stream while exiting the mixing tube. This coherent stream gains enormous energy to perform cutting.

Jewel orifice and mixing tube are in perfect alignment to assure the water jet passes directly down to the center of the mixing tube and thus, abrasivejet is not diffused, cutting quality is excellent and mixing tube lasts longer.

When the components are replaced, the alignment is rectified automatically and no tedious job is required. This makes maintenance easy and meanwhile, guarantees water quality consistent.

Thanks to sophisticated cutting head design, replacements of parts and components are easy and quick.

Motion Equipment

This motion system consists of X-Y movement mechanisms and structures allowing cutting heads to move freely along both X and Y directions over work pieces.

It employs a floor mounted X-axis and a cantilevered Y-axis mounted to the X-axis carriage. Cutting head is mounted to a carriage on the Y-axis. Limit stoppers are equipped to prevent the carriages from over travel.

The axis runs on specially treated high precision ball bearing linear screw and guide rail. The mechanisms are self-lubricated.

Catch tank and cutting table are totally separated from the X-Y motion structure.

The advantages of this floor-mounted cantilever system with separate working table are,

  • There is no external frame or rails of a gantry. Operators are easily access to the cutting table.
  • Flexible free space is available for easy loading and unloading of work pieces. This gantry free designed is beneficial especially when work pieces are large and heavy.
  • The cantilever beam moves at only one end. Eliminates the need for a precision dual-drive system required by a gantry beam.

Control System

It is a numerical control system with CAD/CAM pre-installed. The designs are done in an AutoCAD and are then stored in dwg files. These dwg files are then exported to the NC system which automatically converts the dwg files into numeric files that the system can read. The machine then understands to where cutting head moves in X, Y and Z directions.

A servo system is employed. It controls servo motors which run in X and Y axis. The servo system assures higher cutting accuracy, faster speed, higher throughput and meanwhile, it is more reliable.

There are several logics for safety precautions.

  • When filter is blocked, machine stops.
  • When it is lack of water, machine stops.
  • When pressure is too low, machine stops.
  • When pressure is too high, machine stops.

Catcher Tank

This catch tank is used to collect water and abrasive during water jet cutting.

A working table is mounted on top of the tank. It is used to support workpieces on which they are loaded. The working table is a grating.

The catch tank and working table are placed beneath the cantilever where the cutting head moves freely over work pieces.

Abrasive Feeding Device

This system is used to feed precise amount of abrasive to cutting head automatically. If necessary, the amount of abrasive is adjustable manually.