glass cutting

Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

  • Truly CNC glass cutting machine
  • Officially licensed by well know italian company
  • Fully automatic straight and shape cuts
  • Could be equipped with loading machine and breakout table
  • Optimisation cutting minimize glass wastage

X-Y Multiple Heads Glass Cutting Machine

  • Two cutting bridges, X and Y
  • Each bridge installed as many cutting heads as possible
  • Traverse and cross cuttings done within seconds
  • Ideal thin glass(1 mm) cutting machine
  • Operated at minimum labour force
  • Cuts as small as 10 x 10 mm glass

Glass Shape Cutting Machine

  • Specially designed to cut shape glass
  • No sophisticated CNC system is required
  • Simple but reliable template
  • Cut same shape of glass in mass production
  • Minimum operating cost
  • Lowest maintenance fee
  • Templates changing done within minutes

Waterjet Cutting Machine

  • Most versatile machine tool
  • Cutting glass by waterjet becomes popular
  • Capable to cut any shapes,alphabets and characters
  • Cut anything other machines simply could not
  • No breakout is required
  • Cut also stone,metal and ceramic,etc

Spherical Glass Cutter

  • Spherical Glass & Mirror Cutting after Glass Bent
  • Very Suitable for Automotive Mirror Cutting
  • Cut on Convex or Concave Surface
  • Cut Various Radius of Curvature
  • Fast & High Productivity
  • Sophisticated Cutting Head Structure
  • Two Types Auto Mirror Cutting Machine Available
  • Budget Machine Cuts Spherical Mirror with Templates
  • Template-Free 4-Axis CNC Spherical Glass Cutting Machine

Glass & Mirror Cutting Tools

  • Handheld Glass & Mirror Cutting Tools
  • T ShapeStraight Glass Cutting Tools
  • Circle & Oval Glass Cutting Tools
  • Portable Disc CUtting Tool