Glass Mirroring

Silvering Mirror Production Line

  • Automatic Silver Mirror Production Line
  • Curtain Coating Mirror Back Paint
  • High Efficient Silvering Reaction
  • Environmental Friendly Process
  • Remarkable Glass Washing Prior to Silvering
  • Straight Line Layout or Optional L or U Layout for Limited Space

Aluminium, Chromium & Nickel Mirrors Production Equipment

  • Thermally Evaporation Vacuum Coating Metallization Process
  • Batch Type Production
  • High Vacuum Ensures High Coating Performance
  • Suitable for First Surface Mirror Production
  • Other Metallic Coatings Possible
  • Low Production Cost
  • Absolutely Environmental Friendly

Mirror Back Paint Curtain Coater

  • High Efficient Mirror Back Painting Machine
  • Could Also Apply Paint or Ink on Glass Surfaces
  • Reliable Acceleration & Deceleration Conveyors
  • Easy Adjustable Paint Thickness
  • Paint Recirculation with Zero Wastage
  • Include Drying Oven to Evaporate Paint Solvent
  • Include Cooling Section to Cool Down Mirror for Handling

Films Applying & Affixing Machines

  • Press Rollers Apply & Affix Films on Glass or Mirror Easily
  • Films Evenly Distributed on Glass & Mirror Surfaces with Uniform Tension
  • Automatic Films Cutting
  • Glass Double Sides Films Application
  • Winding Roll for Film Protective Layer
  • Inline Film Affixing Incorporated to Upstream Machines such as Glass
    Sputtering Coater

Mirror & Glass Back Film

  • Safety Mirror with Back Film
  • High Adhesive
  • Easy Apply & Affix on Mirror Back & Glass
  • Available in Transparent & White
  • Available in Different Thickness
  • Available in PVC & PE

Electrically Heated Mirror Defogging Film

  • Mirror Defogger
  • Electrically Heated Defog Film
  • Stop Water Moisture from Condensing on Mirror Surface
  • Self Adhesive Fog Free Film
  • Simple Installation & Wiring
  • Remove Mirror Fog & Mist within Seconds
  • No Transformer & Thermostat Is Required
  • PET or PVC Plastic Protective Film Available