Glass Protective & Mirror Back Safety Films


Glass Protection

Glass Protective Films and Mirror Back Films Available in PE and PVC

Glass surface is sometimes affixed with plastic protective films. It is scratch resistance and glass is well protected during handling and long distance transportation. Some reflective coated glass is also surface laminated with back film for certain applications such as curtain wall and glazing. Double surfaces scratch proof protection films are sometimes required to stick on both top and bottom glass surfaces.

Safety Mirror

Ordinary Mirror Shatters into Sharp Fragments Which May Causes Fatal Injuires

Like ordinary glass, mirror breaks and shatter into sharp scrap pieces which may result in fatal dangerous. Could mirror be more safety? Safety mirror could be referred to mirror, usually convex mirror, located around corner in streets, garages, or shops for monitoring. However, safety mirrors in issue are those mirrors that are splinter proof.

Unlike ordinary glass, mirror is not recommended to temper. Temper glass is usually wavy. When it becomes mirror, wavy effect is more obvious. Laminated mirror would be a better idea. However, mirror is usually not for window and door and so high impact resistant is unnecessary. A simpler and low cost way to turn ordinary mirror into safety mirror is to apply safety back film on mirror back.

Safety Films

Shatter Proof Safety Mirror Back Protection Films

Mirror and glass back protective films could be PVC or PE. The films are usually transparent or color available in different thicknesses. Films are compatible attaches and sticks firmly on glass surface or mirror back paint. It is usually applied on by film affixing machine. When safety mirror is accidentally broken, sharp splinters are firmly held by sticky film and do not fall off. Mirror back protective film functions resemble to safety window film.