Glass & Mirror Back Safety Protective Films Applying & Sticking Machines



Films Applying & Sticking Machines

Glass film applying and sticking machine is design to stick films on glass or plastic sheets. The process includes

  • Unrolling
  • Spreading & Applying
  • Sticking (One Side or Optional Double Sides)
  • Cutting (Manual or Optional Automatic)
  • Winding (Optional where there is Protective Film Layer)

Dust removal and anti-electrostatic devices are available in one of our sticking machine series. Films could be window films, films for protection, handling and transportation, mirror back film for safety purpose.

FASM-A Films Applying Machine
FASM-B High Performance Films Affixing Machine (In-Line System Also Available)
FASM-C-620  Film Applying & Sticking Machine for Ultra Thin Glass
FASM-C Films Sticking Machine with Dust Removing & Anti-Static Devices