• Complete Production Equipments for High & Medium & Low Productivity
  • Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Available
  • Various Lines for Windscreens, Sidelites, Vents & Backlites
  • Pre-Processing Lines for All Kinds of Automobile Glass
  • Bending Ovens, PVB Assembly Line, De-Airing Oven & Autoclave for Windshield Production
  • Bending & Tempering Furnace for Side Glass & Backlites
  • Ancillary Equipments Includes Printing, PVB Shaping & Encapsulating

Automobile Glass Preprocessing Lines

  • Available in Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic
  • Medium Low & High Productivity Machines Available
  • Manual or Automatic Glass Loading & Unloading
  • Windshield Edge Seaming, Sidelite & Backlite Edge Polishing
  • Powder Spraying Machine for Windshield Pre-Processing
  • Drilling Machine Available

Windshield Bending Ovens

  • Available in Small, Medium & High Productivity
  • Single or Multiple Heating Station Bending Ovens
  • Low Heat Consumption while Max. Production Throughput

Windshield PVB PVB Assembly Line

  • Line for Power Removed, PVB Assembly & Trimming, Vacuum Ring Assembly
  • Available in Small, Medium & High Productivity Layouts
  • Flexible Design with Min. Labor Force while Max. Throughput

Glass Vacuum & Preheating Oven

  • To Preheat Well Assembled Windshield Under Vacuum
  • Available in Chamber & Conveyor Design
  • Vertical & Horizontal Conveyor Ovens
  • Low Energy Consumption at Highest Possible Output

Autoclave for Windshield

  • Pressure Vessel for Laminated Glass Final Bonding
  • Multiple Devices for Safety Purposes
  • High Performance Heating System
  • Carefully Selected Materials & First Class Welding Workmanship
  • Air Storage Tank for Air Filling into Autoclave
  • Handling System for Easy Glass Movement
  • Optional Vacuum System for Bonding of Curve or Armour Glass

Autoglass Bending & Tempering Furnace

  • Single & Compound Curvatures Autoglass Bending & Tempering Furnace Available
  • Mould Free Cylindrical Bending & Tempering Furnace
  • Low to High Production Furnace Available
  • Lowest Possible Energy Consumption while At Highest Throughput
  • Very High Production Yield with Excellent Bending Curve Precision

PVB Stretching & Shaping Machine

  • Stretch & Shape PVB to Match Windscreen Shape
  • Save 10~20% of PVB Film
  • High Productivity
  • Make No Harm to PVB

Autoglass Silk Screen Printing Machines

  • Print Black Band, Heated Line & Antenna
  • Available in Semi & Fully Automatic Screen Printer
  • Precision Printing

Autoglass Drying Oven

  • High Efficient Drying Oven
  • Cooling Section Included
  • Short & Long Edges Leading Available
  • Various Drying & Cooling Lengths at Disposal