Glass Drying Oven (with Cooling Section)



Xinology Glass Drying Oven Dries Inks, Paints or Enamels Applied by Screen Printing, Curtain Coating, Roll Coating, Spraying or Another Process

Glass surface could be applied with ink, paint, varnish, epoxy, enamel and ceramic ink according to various applications. They are usually diluted by thinner, solvents or water and are usually applied on glass surface by variety of machineries such as screen printing machines, roll coating machines, curtain coating machines, spraying machines or, simply by manual. After then, thinner, solvent or water is no longer in use and is required to be removed. The inks are heated and dried in a drying oven at certain temperature. During drying, thinner, solvents or water is vaporized and these vapors are removed by evacuating out of the drying oven. The oven is usually composed of cooling section to cool down the glass. The oven could be incorporated in line with upstream machines such as printing, coating or spraying machines.