glass bending


  • Bend Glass into Shapes by Heating with Bending Moulds
  • Single & Multiple Glass Heating Stations
  • Continuous Glass Bending Furnace for Mass Production
  • Rotary Glass Bending Designed Saves Space
  • Slumping Oven for Very Deep Bending Depth
  • Full Cycle of Glass Heating, Annealing & Cooling
  • Sophisticated Design Free of Glass Optical Distortion
  • High Efficient Heat Resistors
  • Thick Thermal Insulated Oven Walls for Heat Preservation
  • Minimum Heat Loss with Lowest Possible Energy Consumption
  • Various Bending Oven Designs Suitable for Any Glass Fabricators

Single Glass Bender

  • Budget Bending Ovens for Medium Low Volume of Production
  • Available in Versatile Oven Design
  • Available in Single, Two or Three Stations
  • Metal Structure with High Temperature Resistant Paint
  • Wall Panel Covered with Thick Thermal Insulation Material
  • Minimum Heat Loss with Lowest Possible Energy Consumption
  • Thermocouples Measure Real Time Temperatures
  • Design for Glass Deep Bending with Smallest Radius of Curvature

Multiple Glass Bender

  • Serial Oven Design with Multiple Heating Station
  • Two Storey Oven Design for High Volume Production
  • Glass Heat & Bend in Upper Deck
  • Glass Annealed & Cooled in Lower Deck
  • Exhaust Heat in Lower Deck Recycled to Upper Deck Saves Energy
  • PLC for Temperature Profile & Bending Wagon Movement
  • Automatic Glass Bending, Annealing & Cooling

Continuous Glass Bender

  • Belt Conveyor for Small Medium Glass Size
  • High Volume Production
  • Pre-Heat, Bend, Anneal & Cool done all the way
  • Suitable for Glass Baking, Cooking, Decorating & Fusing
  • PLC Controls Heating Profile & Conveyor Speed

Rotary Glass Bender

  • Least Space Consumption for High Volume Production
  • Glass Loading & Unloading at Same Station
  • Suitable for Rear View & Cosmetic Mirrors Production
  • Vacuum System for Large Bending Depth & Small Curvature
  • Refractory Maximizes Heat Energy Preservation
  • Marks & Scratches Free Top Quality Bending Moulds

Glass Slumper

  • Chamber Design for Glass Slumping & Deep Bending
  • Produces Glass Sink with or without Connected Glass Platform
  • Slump Transparent Glass Basins Free of Marks & Scratches
  • Available in Low, Medium & High Volume Productions
  • PLC controls Heating Prfiles

Glass Bending, Slumping & Fusing Moulds

  • Resist up to 1000℃
  • Extremely Low Expansion of Coefficient
  • Extraordinary Low of Heat Conductivity
  • Excellent Strength
  • Anti-Corrosive & Anti-Bugs
  • Surface Free of Chips for Glass Surface Scratch Proof
  • Crack Free Despite Frequent Heating & Cooling
  • Mould Sizes & Shapes Dimensional Stable