glass tempering

Glass Tempering Furnaces

  • Glass Thermal Heating Furnace with Quenching for Glass Tempering
  • Combo Hot Air Forced Convection Heating for Low-E Glass Tempering
  • Optical Distortion Free Glass with Perfect Flatness
  • High Mechanical & Flexible Strengths Glass
  • Available with Flat & Bend Glass Tempering Furnaces
  • Universal Adjustable Longitudinal & Transverse Glass Roller Bending Systems
  • Mould Bending for Compound & Complex Glass Bent Temper Glass
  • Ultra Thin & Tiny Glass Tempering Furnace
  • Right Angles Bending & Tempering Furnace

Combo Convection & Irradiation Glass Tempering Furnace

  • Combo Air Convection & Irradiation Heating within Same Heating Chamber
  • Convection Air Passes Through Heating Resistors
  • Force Air Convection
  • No Inducing of Cool Air Outside Heating Chamber
  • Consume 27% Less Energy Than Irradiation Furnace
  • Increase 30% More Production Throughput Than Irradiation Furnace
  • 2 Times More Productivity Than Radiation Furnace for Low-E Glass

Glass Sinks Slumping & Tempering Furnaces

  • Special Design to make Safety Temper Glass Sinks & Glass Basins
  • Induce Glass Stress Obtaining High Impact Strength
  • Produce Individual Glass Sinks without Glass Platform
  • Produce also Glass Sinks with Connected Platform in One Full Glass Pane
  • Computer Controlled Heating & Tempering Process
  • Well Thermal Insulation of Heating Oven for Heat Preservation

Glass Lids & Cover Bending & Tempering Furnace

  • Glass Covers Tempering done Right after Bending Minimizing Heat Loss
  • Rotary Glass Oven Design Saves Space
  • Free of Press Marks & Mould Marks
  • Thermal Stable Glass Lids Resisting High Heat Cooking
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Round, Oval, Square & Rectangular Glass Lids could be Made
  • Glass Edging & Drilling Machines also Available
  • Provide Complete Stainless Steel Strip Production Line

Glass Chemically Strengthening Equipment

  • Produces Glass with Outstanding Strength
  • Do Not Distort Flatness
  • Free of Roller Marks
  • Process Thin Glass Up To 0.5mm
  • Unlimited Glass Shape & Min. Size
  • Stainless Steel Ion Exchange Tank
  • Chemical Process Done Automatically
  • Upper Platform Allow Chemical Loading & Easy Maintenance
  • Optional Produces Monolithic Fire Proof Glass

L & U Shapes Glass Tempering Furnace

  • Non-roller hearth heating oven design free of roll marks
  • Two steps process, glass bending & glass tempering
  • Produce single angle glass bending (L shape) or double angles glass bending (U shape)
  • Adjustable quenching plenum for different glass sizes tempering

Fused Silica Rollers

  • Fused Silica Rollers or Ceramic Rolls Specially Designed for Glass Conveying of Glass Tempering Furnaces
  • Smoothest Roller Surface Leaves No Marks on Glass
  • Perfect Straight & Concentric Rollers Account for Wave Free Tempered Glass
  • Scratch Proof Roller Surface
  • Very High Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength & Impact Strength at High Temperature
  • Excellent Thermal Stability & Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Available in Various End Cap & Shaft Designs Suitable for All World’s Glass Tempering Furnaces Manufacturer Brands
  • Available in Versatile Diameters & Lengths