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Glass Lids Are Not Only Made of Glass

GLC-BT Glass Lids and Covers Press Bending and Tempering Furnace

Glass lids and covers are extensively found in cookware, ovenware, kitchenware, household ware and electrical appliances.

A glass lid is made of two parts, a piece of dome like glass and a piece of stainless steel strip wrap around glass edge. Glass lids are usually used for heating, cooking, steaming and baking. They are also handled frequently. They must be tough and heat resistant. Therefore, glass lid are always tempered for high impact strength and remarkable thermal stable.

Most potential production line buyers would be more concern about glass bending and tempering furnace which is the critical part of the whole process. Process of the stainless steel strip is always ignored. However, stainless steel plays a very important role in the making of top quality glass lid. A series of special machines, jig and fixture are required to turn stainless steel strip into stainless steel profile and to inlay profile firmly around glass edges.

Glass Lids Extensively Found in Kitchen Ware, Cookware and Ovenware Glass Lids and Covers Must Be Thermally Stable and Resist High Impact Strength