Fused Silica Rollers


In glass tempering furnaces, flat glass is heated inside a chamber at very high temperature. Glass will become molten and deform. This is not we expect. Glass should travel inside the furnace without any deformation. Rollers are the most simple and economic way to bring the glass traveling inside heating chamber. This type of furnace is known as rollers hearth furnace. Basic criteria of proper roller material must withstand high temperature. After years of explore, fused silica is found to be the most suitable roller material while at lowest possible cost. It is known as fuse silica tempering roller or ceramic tempering roller. There are end caps and end shafts, usually made of metal, tightly connected at both ends of ceramic rolls. End caps are the components that get in physical contact with driving mechanism of glass tempering furnace. Glass tempering furnace manufacturers have their own designs of driven and convey mechanism. This results in many types of end cap system designs to adapt to certain motion designs.