Vertical Straight Glass Flat Edging Machine

  • Cup Wheels Edging for Flat Edge & Arris or Seam
  • Available in Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Machines
  • Available from 4 till 12 Spindles
  • Full Features PLC with HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • High Precision Chainless Bearing Conveyor
  • Custom Design ABB Spindles Motors for High End Edgers
  • Fine Polishing Wheels for High Clarity Edge Finish
  • Pneumatic Cylinder for Polishing Spindles
  • Glass Load Up to 700kg
  • Process Up to 40mm

Vertical Straight Glass Pencil Edging Machine

  • Process Round Pencil, OG, Water Fall & Flat Edges As Well
  • Peripheral Wheels Available for Various Profiles
  • Available in Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Machines
  • Polishing Wheels Obtain Bright Glass Edges
  • Chainless Bearing Transmission Available
  • PLC with HMI Human Machine Interface Touch Panel
  • UP to 700kg Glass Loading

Budget Glass Grinding & Polishing Machine

  • Glass Freely Movement on Castor Ball Table
  • Process Profiles such as Flat & Seam, Pencil & OG
  • Sturdy Motor Spindle Holds Up To 3 Wheels
  • Water Hose For Cooling Down
  • Occupies Very Small Space
  • Suitable for Medium & Small Glass Workshop

Vertical Straight Glass Beveling Machine

  • Grind & Polish Glass Bevel in One Pass
  • Full Features PLC HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Activated Felt Polishing
  • Obtain Extremely High Clarity Bevel Finish
  • Up to 60mm Bevel Width
  • Bevels as Small as 20 x 20mm Glass
  • Bevels Up to 40mm Glass Thickness

Vertical Straight Glass Wave Beveling Machine

  • Grind & Polish Glass Wave Bevel in One Pass
  • PLC with HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Activated Felt Polishing
  • Obtain Extremely High Clarity Wave Bevel Finish

Vertical Straight Prismatic Glass & Mirror Beveling Machine

  • Two Sequential Beveling Machines
  • 4 Metal & 7 Resin Bond Wheel for Coarse & Fine Bevelling of 1st Machine
  • 11 Felt Wheels for Bevel Polishing of 2nd Machine
  • Coarse, Fine & Polish Bevelling Accomplished in One Pass
  • Bevels as Large as 85mm Bevel Width
  • 3° till 15° Bevel Angles
  • Unique Machine to Make Automotive Prismatic Rear View Mirror
  • High Precision Chainless Bearing Transmission Conveyor
  • Glass Travel Speed Regulated by Frequency Converter

Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

  • Automatic Glass Squaring
  • Edges & Polishes Two Parallel Glass Edges Simultaneously
  • Available From 2500mm to 4200mm Glass Width
  • Available in 16 & 22 Spindles
  • Equipped With PLC & HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • Custom Design ABB Spindles Motors
  • Thickness & Width Adjusted By Ac Motors With Encoder Controlled By Plc
  • Glass Width Adjusted By Double L/M Roller Guide & Double Roller Screw

CNC Glass Working Center

  • Fully Automatic Computer Numerical Control Glass Working Center
  • Tool Station Holds Several Tools for Automatic Wheels & Tools Changing
  • Automatic Wheels & Tools Compensation
  • Automatic Processes All Kinds of Glass Profiles
  • Automatic Straight & Shape Glass Polishing
  • Automatic Drilling, Milling & Routing As Well
  • Optional Beveling, Cutting & Engraving

Glass Sand Belt Seaming & Arrising Machine

  • Very Fast Seaming Process
  • Available In Dry & Wet Processes
  • Twin Belts Grinds Top & Bottom Glass Edges At One Time
  • Process Remarkable 45o Glass Edges
  • Powerful Spindle Motors
  • Dry Seamer Sucks & Collect Glass Dust

Shape Glass Edging & Beveling Machine

  • Edges & Bevels Glass Interior & Exterior
  • Holds 3 Peripheral Wheels At One Time Minimizing Wheels Changeover Time
  • Extendable Strong Working Arm Up To 2100mm
  • Table Rotating Speed Adjusted Infinitely With Regulator
  • Automatic Round Glass Or Close To Round Glass Processing
  • Dual Speed Spindle Motor

Glass Corners Grinding & Cutting Machine

  • Grind & Polish Glass Corners
  • Available In Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines
  • Pneumatic Cylinder With Pressing Plates Holds Glass In Position
  • Cut Two Corners Simultaneously

Small Thin Glass Edging Machine

  • Process Small & Thin Glass that Ordinary Edger Cannot Make
  • Unique Machine Grinds & Polishes Thin Small Glass at One Time
  • Easy & Simple Operation
  • Reliable Spindles
  • Obtain Very Fine Polishing Finish
  • Suitable for Micro-Slides Polishing

Glass Column Grinding & Polishing Machine

  • Polishes Glass Columns Made Out of UV Bonded Multi-Layers of Glass
  • Process Glass Columns in Cylinder, Semi-Cylinder, Triangular, Rectangular & Polygon
  • Process Also Multi-Layers Glass Sinks
  • Frequency Converter for High Precision Polishing

Glass & Mirror Polishing Wheels

  • Versatile Wheels for Glass Polishing
  • 9R, 10S, BD, BK, CE3 & X3000/X5000
  • Glossy & Satin Finish
  • Engraving & Grooving Polishing Wheels Also Available

Portable Glass Grinding & Polishing Tool

  • Versatile Portable or Handheld Tools
  • For Glass Edging, Grinding & Polishing
  • Electric or Pneumatic Power
  • Suitable for On Site Glass Jobs

Spare Parts, Supplies & Consumables

  • For Glass Seaming, Edging, Polishing & Beveling Machines
  • Spare Parts such as Track Pads, Conveyor Belts & Chains, Universal Joints, Spindle Motors & Reduction Gears
  • Supplies & Consumables such as Abrasive Belts