Vertical Straight Line Glass Flat Edging Machine


G-VFE Series Vertical Glass Cup Wheel Edgers Grind & Polish Glass Flat Edge & 45° Arris or Seam

The machines consist of metal bond, resin bond diamond cup wheels and polishing wheels as well. When glass passes vertically, glass bottom edges are in contact with wheel and they are grinded and polished. Fine satin edges finishes are obtained. We provide several models of glass cup edgers.

G-VFE-4M Budget 4 Spindles Glass Flat Edgers Suitable For Small & Medium Glass Shops G-VFE-5M Mini Glass Flat Edging Machine Carries Up To 250 kg Glass Loading Only Front Seaming Wheels Are Adjusted For Glass Thickness Changing Of This Budget G-VFE-8M Glass Polishing Machine G-VFE-9M Popular 9 Spindles Glass Edging Machine Sold Worldwide
G-VFE-9M-A Automatic 9 Spindles PLC Glass Edging Machine G-VFE-10M Runs 100x100mm Glass Continuously Without Idle Time 10A-PLC With HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface Makes Operation Of Maximum 700 Kg Glass Loading of G-VFE-10A Simple 12A-PLC With HMI G-VFE-12A Glass Edging Machine Runs With High Precision Bearing