Vertical Straight Line Glass Flat Edging Machine




Stretchable Hollow Glass Press Rubber Pad Of 4 Spindles Glass Cup Edgers Regulate Certain Range Of Glass Thickness
  • G-VFE-4M glass flat edging machine produces flat & arris
  • Budget glass cup wheels edger with 4 spindles
  • One flat edge coarse grinding, one flat edge polishing & two 45° seamings
  • Special stretchable hollow rubber pad press & hold different thickness of glass
  • Front rail conveyor is no need to be adjusted when changing of glass thickness in certain range
  • Glass working speed is adjustable by hand wheel with continuously variable frictional speed reducer
  • Ammeters check wheels working status
  • Occupy very little space
  • Very suitable for small to medium sizes glass shops

Wheels Configuration

#410S40 Cup Wheel for Glass Flat Edge Polishing #3Resin Bond Diamond Cup Wheel for Rear Seam Fine Grinding #2Resin Bond Diamond Cup Wheel for Front Seam Fine Grinding #1Metal Bond Diamond Cup Wheel for Glass Flat Edge Coarse Grinding Positions
Cup Cup Cup Cup Forms
Flat Edge Polishing Rear Seam Fine Grinding Front Seam Fine Grinding Flat Edge Coarse Grinding Applications
10S40 Resin Diamond Resin Diamond Metal Diamond Materials
Φ150 Φ130 Φ130 Φ150 Sizes (mm) OD
Φ50 Φ50 Φ50 Φ50 ID
NA #180 #180 #150 Grits
AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 2.2 Motors Power (kW)
Mechanical (Optional pneumatic) Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Spindles Feeding