Straight Glass Wave Bevelling


Vertical Straight Glass Wave Beveling Machine
  • 9 Spindles Vertical Glass Straight Wave Bevelling Machine
  • Produce Wave Bevel & Ordinary Bevel Profile As Well
  • 6 Spindles Particular For Wave Beveling
  • HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • PLC Controlled Glass Thickness, Bevel Width And Bevel Angle Regulated From HMI
  • Pneumatic Cylinders For Felt Polishing Wheels Controlled By PLC
  • Glass Travel Speed Regulated By Frequency Converter
  • Stable Transmission Ensures Excellent Wave Shape
  • Equipped With Servo Motor & Cycloid Pinwheel Decelerator
  • Motorized Front Rail Movement In Parallel For Vary Glass Thicknesses
  • Consistent Travel Speed Of Timing Belts At Inlet & Outlet Conveyors
  • High Precision Low Vibration Motors Specially Designed For Wave Beveling
  • Two Individual Water Recirculation Tanks For Water & Polishing Powder Running Separately
  • Non-Scratch Glass Leaning Rack’s Rollers