EM Shielding Glass


Organic PC Shielding Window

Organic glass shielding window could be made of PC polycarbonate or PMMA acrylic shielding window which are researched and developed according to specific needs. The organic glass shielded windows are rapidly and wieldy applied depending on such advantages as high anti-vibration, scratch resistant, high temperature resistance, antireflective and anti-dazzle.

Organic PC shielding window is made from two or multi-layers of organic plates, resin and shielding net subjected to specific treatment by means of press fit. Shielding silk net adopts imported stainless steel silk net and is subjected to specific treatment. Therefore, it can decline electromagnetic interference and own such advantages as Hi-Fi, high visibility and non-distortion. Organic PC shielding window is acceptable for all windows with EMC requirements and possesses anti-electromagnetic interference, Tempest, excellent vibration and shock resistant, scratch resistant, high temperature resistance, light and climatic stable resistance.

According to structure, organic PC shielding windows can be divided into as follows: PC shielding window, step organic PC shielding window, anti-dazzle PC shielding window, reflecting surface PC shielding windows, special-shaped organic glass shielding window and other functional organic PC shielding window. All these can be combined into multi structure type organic PC shielding windows under the support of manufacturing process.

Various kinds of high-shielding effect shielding window are available such as high-transmittance shielding window, high-transmittance and anti-dazzle antireflective PC shielding window, special-shaped PC shielding window, other functional shielding window, etc.

Properties Data
Surface Hardness 5H ~ 6H
Tensile Strength 85 Mpa
Elongation 2.2 ~ 4.5% (at 80℃ ~ 120℃)
DYNSTAT Impact Strength 5 KJ/m2
Heat Distortion Temperature > 100℃ (at 1.8 MPa)
Light Reflectance 20 KV/mm
Remarks:  Sensitive to various solvents such as acetone, methanol, dichloromethane, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide.