EM Shielding Glass


Various Kinds of EM Shielded Glass Various Kinds of EM Shielding Glass Plastic Sheets Films

Tempest EMC shielding glass is a vital window shielding materials to realize TEMPEST and is used for solving anti-electromagnetic interference and tempest among computer system and equipments. With the implementation and promotion of EMC standards, EMC shielding glass serial products has been widely applied to high & new technological industries such as aviation and aerospace, nuclear, satellite, security communication, military, artillery, ordnance, electronics and shipbuilding, etc. EMC shielding glass is also used for digital and image display window of computer display terminal, radar indicator, printer, spectrum analyzer and precision instruments and meters, electronic shelter and observation window of shielded enclosure, which meets various needs of EMC for shielding materials of display terminal window.

To adapt to all kinds of occasions and purposes, EMC shielding glass products researched and developed according to user's specific practice requirements. Serial products are developed such as EMC shielding glass series, organic PC shielding window series and ultra-thin flexible shielding film series, etc.

According to specific purpose, users can choose ordinary wire shielding window, high-shielding effects shielding window, high-transmittance shielding window, electric heating shielding window, electric heating and anti-dazzle wire shielding window, heating and anti-dazzle antireflective transmission film shielding window, coated shielding window, organic PC shielding window, PC anti-dazzle silk screen shielding window and flexible shielding film, etc.