EM Shielding Glass



Shielded Glass for Military

Because of the complexity of systems and precision of requirements of military products and more stringent on electromagnetic compatibility, all military products are mandatory through the EMC standards. Electromagnetic shielding windows are to achieve electromagnetic compatibility of the election will be the window shielding material, widely used in supporting land, sea and air military communications equipment, electronic module, cabinet shielding, satellite radar, military reinforcement of display terminals, LCD design and wide temperature range of military computer peripheral equipment on display window, wave shield series of high performance shielded products, high transmission rates, electric heating shield, anti-reflection by shielding and other portfolio performance to meet the electromagnetic compatibility of the window shielding material requests.


Shielding Glass for Anti Terrorism

Precautions taken prior to disaster by terrorism save thousands of life. Secret actions plays important role. All information and communication are protected by adequate EMC shielding device.

Aerospace Aviation

Tempest EM Shielding Glass for Aerospace

Avionic equipments are easily interfered by electromagnetic waves. EMC shielding glass helps to protect millions dollars of advanced avionic devices.


Tempest EM Shielding Glass for Communication

Due to communications equipment industry’s own high-speed digital signal processing and wide microwave operating band, highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference, communications products have enacted mandatory electromagnetic compatibility standards and procedures for complex networks. According to the applications and equipment work of the different environment, wave shield to provide communications equipment electromagnetic compatibility window shielding materials.

Automotive & Traffic

Tempest EMC Shielded Glass for Traffic Vehicle

With the continuous development of automotive industry, electronic equipment accounts for an increasing proportion of vehicle manufacturing equipment, vehicle electronics industry to achieve the requirements of EMC. Vehicle equipment design engineers face new challenges. Electromagnetic shielding glass is applicable in automotive electronics entertainment devices, vehicle tracking equipment, vehicles detection surveillance systems, traffic command system, automatic fare collection system and electric cars, etc. EMI electromagnetic shielding window products comprehensively improve automotive electronic equipment EMC performance.

Power & Electronics

Tempest EMC Shielded Glass for Power

Power system products are mandatory for an earlier international electromagnetic compatibility standards of the industry. Power products, protection products and electrical metering products are made of high electromagnetic compatibility requirements. All window-shield shielding materials are made to industry standards


Tempest EMC Shielding Glass for IT

With the popularity of the IT industry and development, computers and peripherals, printers, photocopiers, monitors and other daily-use equipment on human health may have certain impact, EMC is no longer solely based on the systems. More people-oriented factors should not be overlooked. Electromagnetic wave EMC window shielding products are widely used in the industry.


Tempest EMC Shielding Glass for Medical

Safe and reliable performances of sophisticated medical devices are very critical when it is a matter of life or dead. Electromagnetic interference is threatening safety of life. Electromagnetic shielding glass prevents from interfering of medical devices.



Demand of EMI shielded window will be continuously grown with further development of higher performance of raw materials. They are applied to more electromagnetic compatibility requirements of various fields to meet the electromagnetic compatibility of window shielding material needs.